Meet Intrepid

Rob Grabow

You can find Rob in the office bright & early each morning sporting some customized basketball shorts and a smile (we'll leave the rest to your imagination, ladies!). The founder of Intrepid Sportswear, Rob has basketball in his blood and still tears it up on the court with fellow officemates. Rob started playing ball at age 9 and continued through middle school, high school, college and across seas in a semi-pro league. Rob's love of basketball ultimately lead him to launch Intrepid from his college dorm room – and his past experiences with overpriced, poor-quality uniforms  ensured that our business model was built on efficiency and ingenuity. Our core mission of putting teams and players above our profits is very near to Rob's heart. Another thing close to Rob's heart? Doner Kababs. Legend has it that Rob's eaten a kabab in each of the 50 countries he's visited. And since he speaks German, Spanish, Italian and some Turkish and Persian (Français is next!), we're pretty sure he had no trouble ordering. An avid traveler, Rob trek's the globe as often as possible, and has spent close to three years living abroad in immersive homestays in Germany, Poland and Mexico. When stateside, Rob spends his time writing (he's written 3 books and has been feature on CNN, MSNBC and C-Span's Book TV…but no big deal), playing ping-pong (he's the much-disputed office champion), nerding-out with books on physics and screen writing, and jogging around Seattle's scenic lake trails. Never a dull moment, Rob was the sole-victim of the great 'Intrepid Robbery of 2012' when the company was broken into while Rob was taking a power nap during a night of late work. Luckily Rob wasn't harmed, but ever since the 'incident' we've beefed up security… and Rob's beefed himself up with some dumbbells & deer antler velvet. Ray Lewis knows exactly what I'm talking about.  Rob's got a pretty beefy brain muscle too – graduating from his undergraduate and master's programs (Gonzaga University and Columbia University respectively) in the top 7% of his class. But we like to tease him the most for being a card-carrying member of MENSA. Really, he carries the card with him -- you just can't write this stuff! All jokes aside, Rob's the heart and soul of Intrepid and besides being a genuinely awesome guy,  he's our captain (my captain!) and we'd all stand on a desk for him any day of the week.

Heather Hanley

Energetic and vivacious, Heather is Intrepid's rudder in seas stormy and calm. Her quick memory, decisive leadership, and artistic talents, honed as lead designer of her parents sign company at age 16 and later at an Arts and Academics high school, are just the start. A part of Intrepid from nearly day one, Heather does a little bit of everything.  She likes baking, reading and is the undisputed champ of office present wrapping.  Heather rowed crew at Gonzaga University, and in an office full of athletes, she's the reigning fitness guru. A lifelong Washingtonian, (and now Montanian!) Heather loves Vitamin D and all summer has to offer. As a Gonzaga Basketball fan, she just wants her team to win a championship someday - but preferably before she dies. Mother of two boys, and our Vice President, she shepherd's us all. Heather is our Oracle, our anchor and ore, and we couldn't be more proud or lucky to have her.

  Sam Martin

Dashing and quick with a smile, Sam is a born athlete raised in the Nebraska heartland who looks forward to football Sundays almost as much as football Saturdays. Truly, his greatest fear in life is that Nebraska football will never win another national title in his lifetime. Though born in the Midwest, Sam loves calling the Northwest home now and enjoys all the outdoors activities that come with it. On the rainier days, his curiosity and intelligence turn to an ever-changing array of history books and documentaries. With two older brothers and two younger, his competitive streak was well-defined at an early age, continuing on through his days of Division I college football at Eastern Washington University, and a nearly career-ending knee injury sustained during a life-and-death game of Madden. Today, he holds the (mostly) undisputed crown at Intrepid Headquarters as king of the rope machine at the local gym. But his true focus is his family – he can't wait to visit his brother living abroad in Bulgaria, and the happiest day of his life was the day he married his wife, followed closely by the day his son was born. The two met as they both were working with troubled teens, Sam's last stop before joining the Intrepid team, and a perfect example of his interests and passions. Sam is also the office expert on snazzy footwear (as a boy, he became so enamored of his brother's Jordan IIIs that his mother was eventually compelled to buy him his own) and brings the perspective of a multi-sport athlete to the company. He believes strongly in the Intrepid product, genuinely loves hooking people up with the best, and is a cornerstone of the Intrepid family. His favorite New Kid On The Block was always Donnie – talented, sweet, and reliable. We think that says it all.

  Justin Padley

A descendant of Norse Vikings and standing an imposing 6'5" with a wide frame, a mop of amber hair, and a size 16 shoe, Justin is a true gentle giant. Beyond his physical appearance, Justin boasts a piercing intellect, is a gifted test taker, and we're glad to have him as our writing and brainstorming savant. Justin is a former Gonzaga Bulldog (and male cheerleader – go Zags!) and we have ESPN footage of him dancing during the WCC championship to prove it. One of two Intrepid employees who can still currently dunk, Justin is also a golf and tennis enthusiast who admits to once playing a high school tennis match in jeans – we call that dedication. They were size 36/36 in case you're wondering. A seeker at heart, Justin enjoys traveling  to far-off exotic locales when he's not working. Latvia tops his list so far, but this enthusiast has many countries under this belt, and many more on the list.  Favorite food is an authentic Panang Curry, but lunch is often trip to the local Taco del Mar. Like an onion, Justin's layered. Additional interests include the Lakers (the source of much office debate), fantasy basketball, movies, and UCLA. He's struggled to resist his family's efforts to convert him Green Bay Packers allegiance (he's a shareholder… enough said).  There's always more to learn and Justin is the guy who wants to learn it. For these and many other reasons, Intrepid's newest recruit is already like family. We think you'll like him too!

Tim Rodgers

Tim Rodgers, an acting advisor with Intrepid, is the President of Revolution Electric Motor Company, a producer of high-efficiency electric motors and generators. In this capacity, he's also the author of several patents. Prior to founding Revolution, Tim was the Director of Internet Marketing for the automotive investment subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, where his responsibilities included cost analyses and financial projections. He also forged new partnerships and negotiated contracts on the subsidiary and Ford's behalf. From 1997 through 2000 Tim was a founder and the Director of Business Development of, Inc., an online excess inventory retailer. He raised the initial capital and developed the company's strategic partnerships. The company was sold to, which conducted a successful public offering in 2002. Tim is a former Investment Executive at Piper Jaffray, Inc. He earned a B.A. from the University of Colorado in 1991, where he skiied for the varsity team - we have some pretty sweet pics to prove it! These days, he finds his outlet through competitive outrigger canoeing and ocean kayaking.

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