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Download a PDF of our Pricing List.


Intrepid basketball uniforms come with a defects warranty of three years (one year for football, as any genuine defects would be evident by then). We build our gear for use. If you follow the washing instructions and have problems with your uniforms, such as color bleeding, excessive fraying, or unreasonable wear, we will make arrangements to replace or repair the faulty uniform.

Washing Instructions

Download a .PDF of our recommended Washing Instructions. Treat them with a little common sense, and you'll get your mileage out of them.

Re-Order Policy

It's a situation coaches know well. They order a ridiculously expensive set of new basketball uniforms only to have a player lose one two weeks into the season. They are forced to pay double the already high price for a single replacement uniform. Not any more. If you need a replacement uniform for any reason, if a player loses one or it falls into the shredder at home, you'll pay the regular price of the uniform at that time, period.


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